3 Best Films Of Rao Gopala Rao

3 Best Films Of Rao Gopala Rao


RaoGopalRao (born RaavuGopalaRao). He was born in January 1937. He was an Indian film character actor and a producer. He was mostly known for his works in the Telugu cinema as well as in the theatre. The 3 best films of RaoGopalaRao include MutyalaMuggu, where the movie starts with the head of a charitable landlord family who has a son. His son wanted to help a friend study abroad and he agreed. The friend in return invites his friend to his sister’s wedding. The son ended up marrying his sister instead. But not everyone is happy with the outcome. Some problems were encountered in the next scenes making the son doubt his marriage.

Next in line is the movie, Gang Leader which tells of 3 brothers and their fate. One of the brothers is an unemployed and freelance dancer. All he does is roam in the city looking for a job. One day his elder brother was killed by a mafia ringleader because he witnessed a homicide. The brother’s death was avenged in the end and the love interest in the movie also has a happy ending. Also on the list is PatnamVachinaPativrathalu, about 2 brothers living with their grandmother. They both got married, but their wives escaped and met bad luck.


As the title implies, the movie is about a challenge to a poor boy by a business tycoon. Where the boy met the daughter of the tycoon and fell in love with her. One day while the boy, now a young man is in front of the business tycoon they somewhat disagree and came on a bet that the young man can make Rs. 50 lakhs in 5 years. The tycoon agreed to the bet that he will allow his daughter to marry the young man if it so happened. The business tycoon will do anything to fend off the challenge so that the young man will not win, even tried to arrange a marriage for her daughter without the young man’s knowledge. Who will win the challenge?


The lead character is a kind-hearted man who works in a shipyard. But since his mother suffers a stroke he had to leave and move back to their village. In their community, there is a known businessman who had his daughter take over his business. The daughter being smart and hard-working helped in making the company reach new heights. One day, someone whom she somewhat insulted tried to kill her but thanks to the lead character she was saved. In the end, she married the lead character and conflict continues from hereon, she continues to make his life difficult. What will happen to the lead character?


The film is about a man who came to a historic village in search of work. There is a belief that a place in the village has a hidden treasure. One rich man in the village has been trying to find the treasure for himself, but since the man who suddenly appears in the village, his misdeeds were always being thwarted by the man. In another turn of events, the man finds out that the rich man was somewhat the one who killed his sister. He has to exact revenge and make it all right. But to what extent? How can he avenge his sister’s death? How about the treasure, is there such?

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