All You Should Know About OCBC 365 MasterCard

All You Should Know About OCBC 365 MasterCard


When it comes to credit cards, people always get doubtful that it might not be the right choice for them. But OCBC has come up with the 365 MasterCard that will rebate on everything.  When a financial institution gets partnered with MasterCard it means that their transaction will be dealt with by MasterCard as the network processor. So, get a cash rebate credit card malaysia and have fun with your credit card.

For the starting 3 years, there won’t be an annual fee. But you have to meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

  • The age should be at least 21 or above.
  • Annual Income should be at least RM24000 per annum.
  • The annual fee waiver is only applicable to the new customers. The people who already hold a card or had a card in the last 12 months won’t be eligible for this offer.

OCBC Master Card features are given below:

  • No Cap On Rebates: Get rewards for your purchases such as dining, entertainment, traveling expenses, insurance payments, and various retail purchases.
  • 1% Rebate On Monthly Expenditure: You will earn a 1% rebate on all the retail purchases you made with the OCBC Master Card with a minimum expense of RM1000 every month. The rebate will be credited to your account automatically.
  • 5% Additional Rebate On Expenses: As you spend more than RM1000, you will get an additional rebate of all the subsequent purchases. The rebate will be added to your card account and also reflect on the monthly statement.

There are various benefits of owning an OCBC Master Card and some of them are listed below:

  • Interest Free Period: Enjoy the benefit of getting a 20-day interest free period from the date of billing on all retail purchases. You can also use the Master Card with the participating merchants within the interest-free Still, it is recommended that you go through the terms and conditions of the offer.
  • Easy Bill Payments: OCBC card will make it super easy and convenient to pay your bills. Whether it is utility bills or service bills, they can all be paid with the card through your monthly debit using the OCBC Master Card.
  • Privileges and Promotions: As you join the community, you will get special promotional offers. In addition, you can get additional privileges in the local area and your region too.

So, apply for a cash rebate credit card in Malaysia and shop as much as you want. They have a simple and sophisticated procedure to allot the cards. So, click on the Apply Now button from the official webpage, provide all details, and submit your application. Once you are eligible for the offer, you’ll be contacted by the service and the executives will guide you throughout the process. So, take advantage of the great opportunity and get the trustworthy and reliable services of OCBC. You can gather additional information about various offers from the official website.

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