Applying For Malaysian Visa? Few Things You Should Know

Applying For Malaysian Visa Few Things You Should Know


The number of people visiting Malaysia has increased multiple folds over the last decade and all for the right reasons. Malaysia is a beautiful country and has a little something for people of different tastes. In March 2016, the Malaysian government introduced eVisa which made visiting the country easier and far more tempting. But, as easy as it might sound, getting a Malaysian visa is not that easy and it requires you to follow a lengthy procedure. With this been said, let’s get to the discussion of visa options for Indians. 

Malaysian Visa Options For Indians 

There are different categories of Malaysian visa for Indians and you can choose one depending upon the purpose of your visit and the number of your visit days. Things like – are you a traveler or do you visit Malaysia on a more regular basis – for business, etc. Mentioned below are a few Malaysian Visa options for Indians.

  1. Single Entry Visa

Like the name, this type of visa is for people who are tourists visiting Malaysia. This Visa becomes invalid the day you depart the country. This type of visa can be also used for social visits and other tourism causes.           

  1. Multiple Entry Visa

Are you someone who visits Malaysia on a more regular basis? People like businessmen or lawyers with Malaysian clients have to visit Malaysia, like twice or thrice a month. For people like these, Multiple Entry Visa can be quite helpful as it allows people to re-visit Malaysia with the same visa before it expires. 

  1. Transit Visa

The transit visa is for people who are traveling to different countries via Malaysia. This means you can use this visa if you have a connecting flight in Malaysia. This type of visa allows people to visit Malaysia but not to stay there.

Getting a Malaysian e Visa is as easy as it gets. You complete an online procedure and your visa will be mailed to you within a period of 7 days. You can choose one from 3 different types – single entry visa valid for 15 days, single entry visa valid for 30 days, or multiple entry visa valid for 30 days. The fees of 15-days Malaysia Visa is very nominal and they can be easily obtained through official web sites as well as vendors like VisaMalaysia. 

Take These Precautions When Applying For eVisa 

When applying for eVisa make sure that you take a few precautions to make sure that you get your Malaysian visa smoothly.

  1. Photograph

The Malaysian government is very specific about the photo you submit for your eVisa. The photograph you submit should be studio only (no selfies) and should have a white background with a clear view of your whole face. If you are wearing glasses, make sure there are no glares. If you oversee any of the instructions for the submitted photo, your visa might not get approved.           

  1. Document Submissions           

There are a few documents that are to be submitted along with your eVisa form. These are – front and back pictures of your passport, return flight ticket and accommodation proof.

The Malaysia 15-day visa fees are very nominal and the procedure is not so tiring. Get your Malaysian eVisa now!

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