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Chat GPT is a chatbot controlled by artificial intelligence that can execute assorted duties. These tasks include not only answering queries but also crafting emails, articles, ads, and much more. But can Chat GPT write content and help website owners like an SEO company would?

Chat GPT can assist website owners in a variety of ways. They have been known to create content for blogs, articles for websites, and landing pages. You may also find them performing research for said articles. And as if that were not enough, they are also placing embedded factors into their work to make the content better.

So, if it does all this, why even bother with an SEO company? Despite sounding great, Chat GPT still has many flaws.

One of the first issues that are huge is that Chat GPT answers many queries wrong. So not only are you providing wrong information, where an SEO company content service would provide correct data, you take the risk of being sued. Any information you publish should be reviewed to be certain it is 100% correct.

If you are insistent on utilizing Chat GPT services, there are some things you can do to help make the content better. Instead of asking this AI tool to write a 1,000 word article, scale it down and do sections at a time. This will provide a greater opportunity of having the content created correctly.

You can also improve the writing style of Chat GPT. Nobody wishes to read content that sounds like it was written by a robot. Therefore, you can show it a piece of your work so it implements your writing style into what it crafts.

Product descriptions can also be used for creating content that is worthy. In many cases, the data Chat GPT has on your product may be outdated, so it will not be useful in whatever it is crafting. By providing this info, you can be certain to have current product data.

Chat GPT can also be programmed for an outline. When you outline what you want to be written, you have a clear idea of what the article will be about, but once again, be aware that the information may be wrong. Therefore, it is always crucial you double-check these facts.

One thing Chat GPT does that is not ideal for humanconsumption is that the content produced is much longer paragraphs. You can ask it to create shorter paragraphs so it is easier for your readers to comprehend.

You may also decide to add some subheadings to your piece to break things down. This will make it not so overwhelming to your readers, especially if your article is long. By adding prompts for Chat GPT to follow, you can be certain to create the article that you really want.

One example of a prompt may be:

Use subheadings to create content that is broken up for better readability. After the title, add a few paragraphs, then use a subheading that will sum up the next few paragraphs.

Chat GPT can also create tools and widgets for you. Perhaps you need a calculator for your site, such as a mortgage repayment calculator. Or you need widgets for forms, tables, plugins, or applications. Chat GPT can assist you in creating these.

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