Fandeliers: The definitive guide to ceiling fan chandeliers



With many ceiling fan combo systems currently in the market, a lot of homeowners are looking for the best ceiling fan chandelier ideas. Chandeliers with ceiling fans are much different from ceiling fans with lights. For chandelier ceiling fan combo systems, you get to enjoy a combo system of both light and fan.

Things to note before buying chandelier ceiling fans

Many people buy their chandelier fan options due to their style preferences. While you ensure that the sizing is right, you would want to ensure that it is ideal for your home’s interior decoration. It is good to consider all of this as well as performance and efficiency.

Types of chandelier ceiling fans

There are different chandelier ceiling fans based on various ceiling fan chandelier ideas. Many people tend to confuse chandelier ceiling fan systems with mere fans with lights. These products are worlds apart and have seemingly similar features but are very different in terms of technology and function. If you need to buy a chandelier fan combo system, it is important to get pictures and images of your preferred type/brand.

The chandelier ceiling fan: Rules for choosing the right size

With many ceiling fan chandelier ideas showing bigger sizes than necessary, you need to determine the right sizing of your fixture before buying one. Big chandelier ceiling fans are meant for bigger rooms. You should evaluate the total area of your room and get the right sizing. If you have a big room with about 300 square feet or bigger, you should get chandeliers whose blade spans are bigger than 60 inches or bigger. Rooms with areas like 150 square feet or lower will need fans that have blade spans that are either 48 inches or lower.

How chandelier ceiling fans are controlled

You get to work your chandelier ceiling fans with a pull chain. This is usually hard to use when the fan is fixed above something such as a bigger table or a bed. Others can be operated by using simple wall switches and multi-function controls.

The performance of the fan

The performance of a fan can be evaluated by its speed of rotation, the wind speed, and the CFM value of the fan. The CFM means the amount of air (in cubic feet) that the fan can move per minute. Many chandelier ceiling fans come with several speed ranges, which is usually between 100 and 500 rpm. You also get a range of wind speeds that is between 1 and 10 mph.

The performance of the light

The light fixtures that come with chandeliers are powered by fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, or LEDs. You should find out the type of light emitted by each option to know which tone is right for your living room space.

The features of chandelier ceiling fans

The remote control: A fully functional remote makes it easy for you to control the general mood, the light brightness, the fan’s direction and speed.

Reversible airflow: Chandelier ceiling fans have two types of airflow. One type is used for cooling the home (during summer), the other is used to warm up the home (in winter).

Air-ionization technology: A chandelier/ceiling fan system is used to extract fungi and smoke from the living room space. It does this by the use of negatively charged particles.

In-built lights: You get lights (differs with various ceiling fan chandelier ideas) that can cast either a downward or an upward glow.

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