Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- Why Are These Farms Popular in The USA?

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania-


Farming is an outstanding discovery of humanity and is one of its most remarkable achievements. Human intelligence is behind this miracle to grow seeds from plants for food and survive on them for several years. If you look at this industry today, you will find that it caters to almost every nation and person worldwide. This means without farming and its related sectors; no man can survive.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvaniaan inspiring name in the USA for sustainable farming  

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is an inspiring example of a company that cares about its customers and the environment equally. It provides eggshells and organic farm products in the region of Spring Grove in the state. These farms are known for their dedication to animal welfare, and it has received certifications under the Animal Welfare Program like the United Egg Producers, Global Organic Alliance, and American Humane.

 Animal safety and health are the topmost priority  

The farm veterinarians are focused on the health of animals and their welfare on the farm so that the chickens are raised in a safe environment. The farm ensures every employee’s background is checked, and its Employee Code of Conduct especially forbids international abuse, any case of animal cruelty, and neglect. These incidents are serious, and they need immediate reporting to the authorities.

Besides the above measures, all of the employees of the Company get continuous training on the principles of Animal Welfare and care. After being hired by the Company can view the UEP Animal Care video, and later over time, you can see it again on an annual basis. Under this Program, experts on the farm-state there is a lot that is at stake, and so everything needs to be taken care of well as per the national standards laid out under the UEP and HSUS.

Sustainability is not a choice; today, it is a necessity for saving the planet

Global estimates by experts in farming and economics state that the global population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. The demand for food will surge by 70% to cater to their needs. It is essential for farmers to embrace sustainable technologies, techniques, and practices to protect the soil, the environment, and the biodiversity of the planet.

How does industrial farming harm the environment?  

Generally, conventional agriculture involves the heavy use and regular tillage of chemical fertilizers to boost the increase in farming output. It is true that these fertilizers can aid in plant growth, but they can result in creating frequent runoff of polluted water to harm the natural environment and endanger the lives of several living species in the area.

Besides the above, skilled experts from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania state that the extensive spraying of synthetic fertilizers is highly toxic to the soil ecology, and it is also dangerous for humans who consume food products from the plants that are grown with them. Moreover, conventional farming practices never nourish the soil with the nutrients required to grow healthy plants. This lack of soil nourishment makes the plants grown on the soil susceptible to diseases, drought, and other ailments

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