Important Guidelines to Prepare for Class 10 Maths Exam

Class 10 Maths Exam


Students, in Class 10, will face new challenges while learning Maths subject. Some of the topics they come across are easy to understand such as real numbers, sets, etc., but some topics are a bit difficult such as polynomial equations, trigonometry, tangents, etc. The result obtained in the 10th standard has a significant impact on our future career. That is why it is important for each student to prepare and score good marks in the final exam. Now the question comes, how to score better marks in Maths exam? The answer to your question is here.

Schedule Your Studies As per Syllabus

Students should have a glance at the syllabus so that they can know which topics are important to cover and have weightage in the exam. Plan your studies according to the syllabus and keep a separate time to learn Maths, at least one and half hours a day.

Practice More Problems

Whenever you learn a concept, practice problems based on it. For instance, you will come across many formulas in the Mensuration chapter, for which you have to solve multiple questions. Answering more questions will help to memorise the formulas. Also, you will feel confident in the exam to solve such types of problems.

Prepare Notes

Although, teachers will provide you notes in classrooms, which you use as a reference while learning Maths. You can also write important points, formulas, theorems in a single notebook or paper, to have an instant look while doing revision. These notes could be kept for Class 11 and Class 12 also, where you will be continuing with the topics like sets, trigonometry along with core concepts such as calculus, symmetric matrix, etc.

Solve Question Papers

Students should collect the past five previous year questions papers of Maths and solve them one by one. This will help them to get through all the chapters at once and understand the question pattern. Also, they will get the knowledge of marking scheme for each chapter in the final exam.

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