Menos Hiras Discusses the Popularity of soccer

World Cup - Group F - Germany vs Mexico


A great number of people around the world love watching professional sports games. Even the ones who never engage in any sports would find themselves in front of the TV during any major soccer, baseball, tennis, or cricket match. As pointed by Menos Hiras while cricket is popular in the UK and baseball in the US, soccer or football is one sport that enjoys incredible popularity in most of parts of the world. Hiras himself is a sports enthusiast who has played soccer during his high school years. He especially has a great interest in the sports of soccer and basketball.

Soccer is a global game, which has played a huge role in building societal gaps in the sporting culture. The popularity of this sport has increased tremendously across the world over the last decade or so. Menos Hiras mentions that as per a recent survey, soccer is played by as many as 4 million people across the world. This sport originated in twelfth-century England, and spread to other countries later own. The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious and popular soccer event in the world. People across the planet patiently wait for four years to witness the FIFA matches.

Here are a few pointers underlined by Menos Hiras that talk about the popularity of soccer:

  • The passion surrounding the sport: No matter where one may travel around the world, they would surely find people passionate about soccer or football there. Moreover, the passion and fanfare seen on soccer stadiums during match days can also be seen in the houses of diverse countries. Almost every major football stadium tend to be packed on match days, with fans coming from near and far to cheer for their favorite teams. Some of these stadiums are even filled each and every weekend to watch practice matches of the players.
  • Rivalry matches: One of the best times in any football season tends to be when two great rivals face off against each other. Even the fans celebrate these matches with high enthusiasm and vigor, and often have long energetic debates with the fans of opposing teams or clubs. These rivalries not only add a certain intrigue to the buildup of each of the matches, but they also add to the play on the pitch.
  • Age Limit: All of the other major American professional sports require the athletes to be within a certain age limit. However, there are no age requirements for players to take the pitch when it comes to football. Whenever a club believes that a player is ready to play first-team soccer, that person would get the chance to make their debut on the field. The lack of age limit and high diversity among players attracts many towards the sport of soccer.
  • Domestic Cup Competitions: In each and every country where soccer is played as a popular sport, there tends to be a cup competition between clubs from every level of the sport in that particular nation. England’s FA Cup is the most famous domestic cup competition of football.

As per Menos Hiras due to the incredible popularity of soccer, a lot of children aspire to become a soccer player when they grow up.

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