Reasons of clogged drains

Reasons of clogged drains


Plumbing issues can occur any time and most of the time we cannot ignore them. Mostly these problems with our plumbing system gets bigger if left untreated, causing more damage and adding to the cost and tension too.

Our houses are fitted with various plumbing systems like, water system, sewage system, washing machines, dish washer, sump pump, water heater, heating system, fixtures and many more. They all need to in good functioning for a peaceful and comfortable life. Any malfunctioning in these plumbing fixtures requires quick repair or replacement to prevent further damage.

Sewage system is an important utility in our housesand any malfunctioning like blockage in drain pipes or sewage backup or overflow of toilet can cause tension and stress. You need to call local emergency plumbers to resolve the issue immediately.

Our drainage lines demand regular cleaning and proper maintenance to help your drains run smoothly and efficiently for a long time. There are many reasons which cause sewage backup and blockage in drain pipes in kitchen sink and drain lines, bathrooms, bathtub, basement, outdoor gutter lines and roof drains.

If you smell a foul and unpleasant smell, it may be coming from your clogged drain lines. Similarly, over flow of toilet and sewer backup spread foul smell, waste water and waste material in your house, lawn and backyard. This dirty water is very hazardous for health and causes illness. This gross situation needs immediate repair and cleaning of your sewer lines to stop damage to house and avoid health issues.

First of all, stop using the toilets and water in your house till it is resolved or it will worsen the problem. Wait till the plumber investigates the situation and remove the blockage.

There are many reasons of blockage and backup in drain pipes and sinks. The kitchen sink and drains blocked because of years of build-up grease, food particles and dirt. In bathrooms, hair, soap suds, dislocated or broken pipes, over grown tree roots around pipes and debris tend to clog and backup in sewage lines. Sometimes foreign objects also block toilets and drains. Flooding can cause backup in basements too. Whatever the reason, you need to call an emergency plumber to resolve the issue and get your drain system in efficient working condition by removing the blockage professionally.

These plumbers are trained and skilled to use latest tools like sewer cameras to find the reason and remove it for free flow of waste water in drain lines. They provide various services relating to sewage and drainage are, sewer cleaning, drains cleaning, video inspections, snaking, hydro jetting, rooter service, leak detection, trench-less sewer system, repairing sump pump and garbage disposal.

Workers at plumbing service are highly skilled, trained and licensed to deal with all types of plumbing issues without any hesitation. They are expert in utilizing latest techniques, tools and equipment to provide you with efficient and professional services for repairing, cleaning, and maintaining your plumbing system to your complete satisfaction comfort.

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