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One of the toughest examinations in the country is the civil service examinations held annually and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The comprehensive syllabus comprises varied topics from various subjects, and among them, current affairs prove to be one of the key sections of focus.

There is no fixed syllabus for current affairs. Any question from any stream important from a national or international perspective may be asked in the written examination. Thus, special attention must be given to the preparation of current affairs for the IAS Exam. Discussed below are the tips which shall help aspirants prepare themselves well enough with the latest current affairs for UPSC exam preparation.

How to prepare Current Affairs for Competitive Exams?

Read Newspaper Daily – One of the best ways to stay updated with the latest news and events happening across the globe is by reading newspapers. This will not just enhance your knowledge but also help with improving your vocabulary and reading and writing skills. The Hindu and The Indian Express are two of the most recommended newspapers for current affairs preparation. Fixed time must be devoted for thoroughly reading the paper, i.e., at least 40-45 minutes each day

Refer only to Reliable and Official Sources – A lot of online portals and magazines surface offline and online which assure information about the latest events, but all of them are not reliable sources. Thus, the following sources can be referred to while preparing current affairs for IAS Exam:

PIB Analysis

Kurukshetra Magazine

Gist of Yojana Magazine

Gist of Rajya Sabha TV

The Hindu/ The Indian Express Newspaper

Manorama Yearbook

Subscribe to Monthly/weekly magazines with the latest news – Monthly/weekly/yearly magazines are published by official and government sources which provide apt and reliable information. These can be downloaded online, in the form of an e-magazine or hard copies of the same can be availed. Aspirants must register themselves and get copies of the same from time to time for exam preparation

Focus on Issues, not the news – This is a very important point that must be considered by all aspirants. It is not just the news that matters, but also the context of the news. Many times, static general awareness questions based on the topic in news are asked in the prelims examination. Thus, one must not just be aware of the recent additions to any news but also have knowledge about its background

Make Proper Notes – While reading the newspaper or magazine or any other source, the entire information does not store itself in our minds. Therefore, one must make proper notes on current affairs. This is because there is no count of the topics which can be covered under this and just memorising them may not be enough. With proper notes, even revision becomes easier and also additions in any news over the period of preparation can all be saved in a single place

Revise – As discussed above, memorising things that have been in news for about 6 months or even a year is not possible Thus, revising them on a regular basis can help it settle better in one’s mind and then stay updated with them moving forward. It will also be beneficial in the longer run

Go through the background of the news – There are certain topics that are not new in the news but keep getting updated. One must have a clear and detailed knowledge of it from its very beginning. Questions based on the history of any news may also be asked in the written examination. Also, in essay writing and descriptive questions, the focus must be on facts and detailed information

For assistance with the preparation, candidates can visit the Current Affairs Quiz page and test their preparation and accordingly work on their strategy to excel in the examination. Current affairs not just play an important role in written exams but also in Interviews.

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