Understanding Our Body to Stay Healthy & Safe

Understanding Our Body to Stay Healthy & Safe


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Nerves are very sensitive and always at risk of damages. Besides physical accidents, mental stresses also cause tons of damages to the nerves. Nerves can be damaged due to some diseases or as a side effect of some drugs. The reasons are many and worries are also many for the damages of nerves. It’s going to take all the pleasure of life out from us sometimes and it may make it difficult to lead a normal life also.

However, all those have become a thing of the past in Dubai. Now there are many good hospitals like bashir dawood where you’ll get world-class treatment for anything related to nerves. Neurology has developed as a prominent sub-wing within modern medical science and much research is conducted in this area. When the whole world was trying to find out a solution for several nerve-related problems, Dubai wasn’t lagging. It houses many research centers both in the government and private sector where intensive research is going on neurology. As a result of this research, many new findings are added and the quality of Neurosurgery hospitals in Dubai has been improved drastically

Medical Equipment World

Many modern sorts of equipment used in neurosurgery are being manufactured indigenously and the more lenient import policies made import of more sophisticated equipment. When the equipment is out there easily and for a lesser price, certainly the cost for the surgery also will decrease. That’s why there has been a drastic decrease in the surgery cost in Dubai in recent times. When world-class treatment is available for a lesser price that will become the natural choice of many. That’s the reason behind the flow of patients from abroad to Dubai for neurosurgery and other sorts of treatments related to neurology. Now Dubai is on par with the other developed countries in treating nerve-related diseases and damages caused to nerves. In reality Dubai has a tradition of treating nervous diseases using ancient Ayurveda. Many of the techniques used by traditional doctors, like massages, are being used by modern bashir dawood doctors also as a part of their treatment. This ensures an ideal and fast result and that they can make the patients happy with this.

Surgery has created new benchmarks in the history of the medical history of the country. At an equivalent time, the production of indigenous surgical equipment and the availability of related products within the domestic market have brought down the price for surgery in Dubai. This is applicable in the case of neurosurgery too. Similarly, the exposure Dubai’s got through opening its windows towards modern technology, made them familiar with the styles and trends prevailing in other parts of the world. This bashir dawood helped the supporting medical staff along with the doctors to handle the patients from different parts of the world. Besides, the hospitality of Dubai’s added more attraction and led a lot of patients to Dubai from other countries.

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