Want to do cardio? Check out these cardio machines that you usually find in a gym.

Want to do cardio? Check out these cardio machines that you usually find in a gym.


All of us are required to have cardio exercises every week if we are into fitness and regularly goes to the gym. We all know cardio sucks but the reality is, it is the most effective way to improve our overall fitness and it is also an effective way to lose extra weight and burn fat.

Cardio exercise is essential to improve your endurance and helps us lose weight quickly compared to not doing it all. In fact, there are gym workout programs that usually require cardio exercises to make it more effective for gym-goers.

Although it is very tiring and exhausting, cardio exercises in the gym are very important because of its effective way of improving your overall health and fitness.

Often times, our gym trainer tasked us to use cardio equipment and machines such as your all-time favorite treadmill, the elliptical, and the stationary bike, or even tasked you to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which are all lung-busting workout machines and routines that are very effective in improving your cardio that are always incorporated in many fitness training classes     but are you familiar with all of these?

If you are a beginner in going to the gym, you should take a look at these cardio gym equipment machines to become more familiar with it considering that this is the most useful things to become more fit and healthy.

  • Treadmill- Of course, who have not used a treadmill once? This machine is the most effective in terms of functionality, and availability, do not get confused or doubtful without review on the very famous treadmill. If you visit any gym or any fitness facility near you, the first equipment or machine you will lay your eyes on is the treadmill.
  • Stair mill- This machine is like you are climbing the stairs perfect for leg exercise, but it is also perfect as your cardio workout because of the effort and the intensity that it requires in order for you to repetitively climb the mechanical stairs. A certain number of people use stair mill because of its function; you are just like walking up stairs which can be adjusted to give you a tougher climb. This is ideal for girls who want to improve their buttocks area and it requires a proper form to target the proper muscle to work it out.
  • Elliptic- This machine which mobilizes both your hands and feet are one of the most-used gym machines because of its intensity and the adjustable difficulty level where you have to exert more effort as you continue to adjust the level higher making it harder to move on it.
  • Rowing machine- This machine is considered as one of the most effective cardio machine available in the gym, somewhere near the treadmill because your body is forced to do a bigger range-of-motion or movement to do the proper form and it takes a lot of energy and cardio to do three minutes of it, it will totally torch your body and for sure burns more calories than other exercises.
  • Stationery bike- Just like riding an actual bike, this is ideal for people who want to improve their cardio and strengthen their lower body part. This is also a lung-busting workout where you can do for twenty to forty minutes per session if you do not have a scheduled functional small group fitness training classes.

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