Artificial Turf vs. Real Grass: What the NFL Knows

Artificial Turf


When watching NFL games, either on TV or in person, you may wonder if the grass is real, fake, or a hybrid. While it may be hard for you to tell the difference, many NFL players can tell if it is artificial turf or real.

In 1966, we saw the first artificial grass on the baseball field at the Astrodome. Just one year prior, franchise owners were told that real grass simply would not grow great since it was an indoor stadium. The phenomenon of artificial turf took off, and soon, many football and baseball fields had this installed.

While the fields looked green and amazing, many of the players just simply felt it was too hard. Others loved it as they felt it provided traction. Still, though, many players were becoming injured with either leg or knee injuries.

With some tweaks, artificial turf has had major improvements in the last several years. Many feel that the new improvements have had a great impact on how it is not injuring the body as much.

With these improvements, a wide variety of turf products came into play, rated at various levels. You will find some that are rated as fast while others are slow. Each team has its own preference on what type of artificial grass they like.

Over 50% of NFL stadiums have artificial turf. Although, the  2023 Super Bowl was played on a Bermuda grass hybrid, Tahoma 31, which was grown locally outside of Phoenix.

Last year at the Super Bowl, LA Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. endured a torn ACL on an artificial playing field.

This accident had many wonderingabout the safety of the Ram’s playing field.This is due to the fact that theinjury wasn’t an outcome of being tackled or colliding with another player. Beckham’s ACL gave away when his cleats on the left foot were caught in the artificial grass.

Due to this, there is a huge debate taking place on what is the best for sports fields. NFL players are weighing in on their thoughts. Some NFL players have stated they do not like the feel of artificial turf and would much rather play on the real thing. It is expected that this debate will last for quite some time.

Many other sports teams have followed suit and have already switched to real grass. Major League Baseball is steering away from artificial grass. Currently, just five teams have played on the artificial grass last year. In England, the Premier League soccer/football teams play on natural surfaces. This is a result of the majority of the players requesting it.

While natural grass may be what is best for sports fields, artificial turf can be a lifesaver for your yard. With little maintenance, you can have a gorgeous green lawn that is perfect for those that suffer from allergies. It is also a great way to keep your family safe from harmful pesticides and chemicals.

If you would like to experience the feel of artificial grass in your yard and reside in the Orlando area, contact Artificial Turf Tampa They can set your yard up to look and feel amazing.

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