Asian Food Timeline: The Evolution of Asian Cuisine

Asian Food Timeline The Evolution of Asian Cuisine


Since the popularity of asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne is getting the attention of many, it is now the right time to discuss the evolution of Asian cuisine?

Ever wonder why Asian fusion cuisine these days is making some noise in the culinary world? Maybe the two unique flavors that you can taste in one dish? Or perhaps, the nostalgic feelings that you feel after eating this food?

No matter what your reasons are, it is best to understand where it came from and how these cuisines build its reputation in the present time.

Are you ready now for the discussion? For sure, if you love Asian foods, you’ll also love this article today!

Introduction: Asian Cuisine and Its Evolution

Cooking is the oldest human activity that ever happens in history, and the first human in the world able to survive by cooking meat from animals. During the era of paleo, the cooking method is very simple: kill some animals, throw them fire, and eat it. No person is knowledgeable about the different dishes, ingredients, and cooking methods to use. Also, cooking equipment is not yet invented too aside from the wood, fire, and leaves to serve as a plate.

By the time of the farming area, cooking became a bit complex. This is due to the agriculture method and the selection of crops available for eating. Farmers in ancient times relay on grains for their calorie intake, while hunters rely on meat. However, grains requires additional effort and equipment to transform it into edible food.

The Introduction of Restaurant and Cuisine

According to history, many farmers need to work harder to eat food compared to hunters. Since they still need additional methods to turn grain into a bowl of rice. Unlike with the hunters, it is just one kill away and voila, cook it on fire, and they will have food on their table.

As the year passed by, new cooking equipment has been developed, such as pots and other metal equipment, which enables the latest cooking techniques to exist. This ancient cooking method is called “baking” and “boiling.”

As civilization continues to evolve, the cuisine also changes. When the era of palaces, kingdom, king, and the emperor has been boomed in different parts of the world, many cooking techniques and styles also evolved. Some cuisines are only to be served by the royalties, and other foods are for the peasant.

During that time, Taverns appear on the market places, making the first food to be served by people – and now you called it “restaurant.” Because of this, many countries from all over the world have created their own delicacies and dishes – that’s when the Asian cuisine was born.

Three Main Cuisine Areas in Asia

There is three cuisine area in the beautiful continent of Asia, namely:

The South West: It is composed of Pakistan, Burma, India, and Sri Lanka. The majority uses ghee and butter as an oil for frying. Also, curry is an essential cuisine in the South West; they used coconut milk as their main ingredient. Garlic, pepper, onion, ginger, and chili peppers are well-known in the South West

The North East: It is composed of Korea, Japan, and China. You can say that noodles and rice is the staple of food in these countries. Duck as their favorite meat, and seafood as their luxury meat, and vegetables as one of the most expensive.

The South East: It is composed of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. Rice is also the staple food in this area; they also use noodles for their dishes. But the only difference between the North East is the spices, herbs, and meat.

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