Which One Would Be A Better Choice: Roomba S9 Vs 960?

Which One Would Be A Better Choice Roomba S9 Vs 960


Roomba is a complete line of smart mini vacuum cleaners which are manufactured and sold by the brand called iRobot. These vacuum cleaners are generally circular in shape and are very capable of getting into smaller areas and corners of the house easily. There are a large number of models of the mentioned device. Find out which one is better over the other, Roomba s9 vs 960 and how will it help in the daily maintenance of your house?

What are the main differences and similarities between the Roomba model s9 and model 960?

Before you choose between the two smart vacuum cleaner models, it is important for you to learn about its major differences and similarities. Some of them can be found mentioned below:

  • Shape, size and external design: The main differences between the two Roomba smart vacuum cleaning models are in their shapes. The Roomba S9 has a unique shape and looks like the letter D. On the other hand, the Roomba 960 has inherited the classic design of the other cleaners and is available in circular exterior design. Also, the colour scheme of the two models differs. The Roomba S9 has a coppery, shiny finish while the Roomba 960 has the basic dark grey exterior colour scheme.
  • Cleaning efficiency: The Roomba s9 uses the most powerful cleaning motor that iRobot has come out till date. It uses the Superior 3-Stage Cleaning Motor for sucking in the air with force along with all the dust particles and filth. This is why Roomba s9 would be the superior choice as it uses a better and more advanced cleaning motor technology.
  • Technology and advancements: The Roomba s9 uses the perfect edge technology and will be more beneficial if your home is heavily carpeted. The Roomba devices use two separated brushes. The side brush pushes the dirt towards the main brush attached in the front. In the Roomba s9, this side brush is in closer vicinity to the main brush present in the front. And hence, the s9 gives better cleaning results in comparison to the Roomba 960.

How does the Roomba smart vacuum cleaner detect the obstacles which come forth?

The Roomba smart vacuum cleaners use the special navigation technology to understand the mapping of the room and also to avoid all the obstacles and objects which might come towards its way. Both the mentioned Roomba models have a camera attached to the top of the device which is able to view the entire surrounding area. This process is called smart mapping. The smart mapping technology of the Roomba S9 is slightly advanced than the other.

So, from the above-mentioned information, you can easily choose between Roomba s9 vs 960

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