Dryer not working? Seek an expert repair help online

Dryer not working? Seek an expert repair help online


You are busy doing laundry when you hear a loud noise, and the washer stops working. It is so irritating to see your appliance fail.

You panic as you can’t figure out what could have gone wrong with the machine.

It is always better to find an answer to this perplexing question as a halt in the working of your appliance can cause piling up of dirty clothes in the laundry room. In many cases, you don’t need to go for a new one, as replacing the entire unit is a costly affair.

Whenever you seek an expert repair service, there are so many trained and experienced technical persons in the nearby showroom of the brand of your dryer. You can also get the online help of an expert to repair your dryer.

Thus, here are some reasons why your dryer might have stopped working:

Reasons for Dryer Stop Working

Power failure:

When your dryer doesn’t receive enough power supply, it may not work. You can check this with the help of a working device. You have to plug in the device into the socket that holds the plug of the washer. If that appliance also doesn’t work, the device might have received a high voltage and might be facing a blown fuse problem.

Over time, the wire that receives the power might have become loose. In such a case, check the wiring and rectify the dryer repair problem easily.


The dryer refuses to work when the door of the washer is open. Sometimes, the switch supposed to indicate a defective switch doesn’t work, the dryer will not work. The machines more than 10 years old will get this problem very frequently. In case of a defective start switch that refuses to switch on the dryer, it will not work. It is possible to rectify the problem without spending a fortune for a washer repair.

Thermal fuses and Thermostats:

The most common problem that occur in dryer is overheating and an appliance failure due to excess heat. When the dryer gets overheated, the thermal fuse will halt the functioning of the dryer. The broken wire should be fixed to make the dryer work because it will pass electric current that will switch on the appliance. Another problem may be due to the defective thermostat that refuses the appliance to start. When there is a blown fuse, the appliance may break down. But along with indicating a problem, it has saved your appliance and house!

Motor problem:

The motor runs the dryer drum, and if there is a power surge the motor is likely to fail. The motor sometimes becomes overheated and damages the wire inside of it. In such a case, the dryer will stop working. You can call a professional to look into the problem of dryer repair. If repairing the appliance doesn’t work, replace the appliance to prevent the stoppage in laundry work. To confirm the motor problem, it is not easy. A repairman will take out all the parts to take out the motor.

The clothes are wet:

Even after a washer cycle the clothes are wet, it may be the problem of the dryer. It might have failed due to some reasons, and it is not always possible to detect a problem yourself. Sometimes, the heating element in the dryer might have failed due to excess heating or blockage in the washer ventilation. In such a case, call a professional to look into the washer problem and resolve the issue effectively. He will replace the heating element and make the appliance work again.

What are the things you should do before calling a repairman?

  • Check the chord that lets in the power supply of the machines. If it is not placed properly in the socket, the appliance will not work.
  • A breaker box will make the appliance work, and it is advisable to check the breaker box when the dryer doesn’t work.
  • You know that your washer runs with the help of gas and when the appliance breaks down, check for the gas unit. If it is working properly, the problem is with the breaker box.

Bottom Line:

Dryer failure may be due to many reasons. There is an insufficient supply of power that caused the machine to stop working. A broken dryer that keeps the clothes still wet after a wash is a headache for the owner. He has to wash and spin the clothes all by himself. A faulty drum seal or a blown thermal fuse may be the cause of dryer repair. In all the above cases, if you can’t rectify the problem yourself, take your phone and call an efficient repairman to fix an appliance failure.

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