How To Pick The Best Type of Bicycle for You

How To Pick The Best Type of Bicycle for You


Biking is one of the best ways to travel and enjoy with your friends or loved ones. Choosing a bike may seem easy. However, you should think of who you would ride it with and what’s the purpose. There are plenty of bikes to choose from, and here are some of the bikes that you need and steps to help you choose the right one.

Determine What Type Of Riding You Will Do

Bikes are designed depending on what kind of cycling. Ask yourself the following question, and maybe it might help you:

  • Are you riding with a group?
  • Will you be using your bike as a mode of transportation?
  • Is it for fitness, or are you planning to go on extreme riding?

Assessing what you need the bicycle for can quickly help you find that perfect vehicle.

Where To Buy?

Once you determine the riding you will do, it will help you narrow down your choices. If it is for regular cycling, a specialty store is the best choice. You can also look online or look for a sporting goods shop. You can check Progear Bikes Melbourne to help you with the bike that you need.

Size, Parts, and Accessories

 Size does matter when choosing the bike. You should aim for a bicycle that you are comfortable and confident in riding. Picking the incorrect size is unsafe for you. You should also consider the accessories and parts such as lights, pumps, helmets, and gloves. Progear Bikes Melbourne offers you a wide array of parts and accessories that you can choose.

Type of Bikes

Here are some of the bikes in the market and what kind of cycling they offer.

  • Mountain Bikes – if you are planning to ride off-road, then here is the choice for you. Bear in mind though the type of terrain that you will ride and your ability. The common theme for mountain bike is a suspension. Meaning the more difficult the ground, the more suspension you need. Check out Progear Bikes Melbourne for designs of their bikes.
  • Road Bikes – one of the most efficient bikes, they are mainly used on sealed roads.
  • Folding Bike – this type is perfect for those people who have limited space to store or for those people who will be using the bike in addition to train or bus commute.
  • Touring Bike – if you desire for easy to use, reliable and robust bike, then this is the vehicle for your daily adventures. They are comfortable and can help you travel in most terrain.


Biking is fun and enjoyable. Not only that you can help the environment, but offers a lot of health benefits. Riding with your favorite group of people can make your biking experience memorable. You can check out Progear Bikes Melbourne and choose the perfect bike for you.

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