Eco-Friendly Lanyards – Contributing to a Better Environment

Eco-Friendly Lanyards – Contributing to a Better Environment


These days, many businesses and organizations make use of customized imprinted lanyards for marketing and promotional purposes. They are not only affordable in nature but provide you amazing customization options. These lanyards are an ideal choice for all those who wish to maximize their budget. However, we are all aware of the fact that most of these lanyards end up in trash bins.

When a particular item has served its purpose, people feel like discarding it. They wish to declutter their things to free up space. Some of them are not happy with low quality personalized ID straps. If your lanyards are made from synthetic materials, they impose a high threat on the environment. In order to avoid causing such issues, you must consider sustainable options like custom recycled lanyards.

Bamboo lanyards for environment loving people

These eco-friendly lanyards are made out of 100% pure bamboo fibers. The resultant bag is soft to touch, anti-bacterial and anti-durable in nature. Bamboo is the easily available earth-friendly material available in the market. The cellulose present in it easily breaks down and it also helps in preventing pollution. Bamboo bags are available in plenty of colors and their break away straps make them a steal deal.

Strap is the most essential part of a lanyard. These are usually made from non- biodegradable materials like plastic. However, two new offerings are introduced in the market that is eco-friendly. The PET recycled plastic lanyard is a common option. The strap for this lanyard is made of recycled water bottles, or to be precise, polyethylene terephthalate. These lanyards come with break-away strap and they are available in plenty of colors including forest green, purple, natural color and so on. This is a great concept because they make use of recycled materials that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Here are some of the long-term benefits of these custom-made lanyards:

  • They will help you in increasing the revenues
  • They will help you in getting wide recognition
  • They are a cost-effective solution
  • They are not only popular but a practical approach too

Promoting the brand with custom lanyards

Custom lanyards will definitely help you in promoting your brand which in turn will increase the sales revenues. They will help you in breaking the back of your competition. Once you have adopted this marketing approach, you will realize that there is a significant increase in the profit.

While you are at the trade shows or promotional events, it is always wise to hand out lanyards to customers and visitors. The recipients will always remember your customer and will be interested in doing business with you in future. You can get the main information of your company, like the company name, phone number and logo printed on it.

Without any doubt, they are an inexpensive option to purchase. If you decide to buy them in bulk, you can get further discounts. They are the best option to consider if you wish to advertise your brand.

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