What is a Watering Wand

What is a Watering Wand


Making a dream garden around your home isn’t as easy as it expected. Every gardener can plant trees, but growing them requires a lot of dedication. You often have to cut dead leaves, fertilize those plants, and give them a proper amount of water regularly with a smiling appearance.

If you have an excellent quality watering wand, your task will be a lot easier. A watering wand is a piece of equipment specially made to spray water on the plants. It can reach longer plants and allow you to control the speed of water as your requirements.

Before using the best watering wand, you have to know what a watering wand is. That’s why we’re here to talk about the watering wand and some easy tips to find out the best one for you. You’ll also be able to water hanging plants where regular hoses cannot get to properly.

What is a Watering Wand

Watering wands are just as the name implies; they come with the construction that attaches a hose or pipes to the end. You can flow water through the wand like a rain shower on the plants. Although it’s a simple concept, it isn’t easy to describe and make you understand. That’s because let’s have a look at its common features to have a clear idea.


Garden watering wands use wooden or rubber-coated handles that may have an integrated shut-off valve or trigger. But, it entirely depends on which watering wand you choose. Besides, you may also find an aluminum shaft above the handle, through which the water flows.


The watering wands usually come in different lengths, for example, 10 to 48 inches long. You need to choose a convenient length as your requirements. If you have a longer wand, you can easily water the hanging plants. On the other hand, a shorter shaft will be an excellent option for the owners of small spaces, like a balcony.


Weight is another consideration when you’re talking about watering wands. If your wand has a lot of features, it will undoubtedly be a heavier one. You need to be sure about the wand, whether you can carry it or not. You may find some wands made of lightweight plastic. These are easier to use than metal tubing wands.


Price is one of the significant factors in selecting watering wands. They are available within 8 to 9 dollars. If you regularly use wands and want to have a durable one, you should spend more money to select the best option. You may have to invest 25 to 30 dollars to have a piece of sturdy equipment. Besides, an aluminum-made watering wand will cost around 30 dollars.


All in all, a watering wand is a useful item for watering your plants in the garden. If you’re looking to have a longer wand, you can water hanging plants around your home. But, your consideration should be purchasing the best piece of equipment to make your dream garden.

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