Find Autograph Dealers Online – What Are The 3 Warning Signs of a Fake Site

Find Autograph Dealers Online – What Are The 3 Warning Signs of a Fake Site


If you are fond of collecting autographs, you should be aware of authentic sources to find them. Many sites help you find authentic autographs online. However, before you start to buy autographs from that site, it is crucial to identify the warning signs of a fraudulent and fake site. Experts in the field say when you are looking for authentic autographs, look out for the following three warning signs for a fake site listed:

Find Autograph Dealers Online – How can you identify a fake site?

When you begin to find autograph dealers online, look out for the following signs-

  1. Does the autograph dealer give you a certificate of authentication- Ask the dealer as to whether the site gives you a certificate of authentication for the autograph or not? Fake websites generally do not give you a certificate of authentication primarily because they are scared if you ask for a refund when you discover that the autograph is fake. A genuine dealer ensures you get a certificate of authentication whenever you purchase an autograph from the site. A good autograph dealer ensures you get a document that serves as a guarantee that the autograph you receive is genuine and not a fake item.
  1. The inventory should not be common- Genuine autograph dealers online have an uncommon stock of photographs or items that have been signed by celebrities. When you are searching for a good autograph dealer online, ensure the stock is not too common. For instance, if the inventory comprises of common items like signed checks, paper pieces, photographs that are glossy, etc., the site might not be a genuine one to rely on. There is a common tactic that fraudulent autograph sites use to fool their customers. They often tear pages of old books and forge the signature of celebrities. People often fall prey to such tactics, and they land up buying the autograph.
  1. Check for consistent patterns in signature- When you are checking the inventory of an autograph dealer online, make sure that you check the signature patterns on all the items available in the inventory. Suppose you identify a consistent pattern in the inventory of the online autograph dealer, chances are the site is not an authentic one and should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, good websites will have positive customer reviews in the market that you can bank on when it comes to buying an autograph from a credible dealer online with success.

Therefore, when you find autograph dealers online, keep the above factors in mind. Make sure that you carefully check the inventory of these dealers to get items that have been signed-in an authentic manner. The inventory of the site should never have consistent patterns in their signature. It is prudent for you to notice this trend before purchase. Last but not least, ensure that the autograph website online gives you a certificate of authentication to prove the item you have purchased is genuine and not a fraud!

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