Are You an NRI Planning to Open a Current Account in the UK? Select a Bank That Offers These 5 Features

Are You an NRI Planning to Open a Current Account in the UK Select a Bank That Offers These 5 Features


A current bank account is the easiest way for NRIs in the UK to access a host of banking services. But with so many banks offering this account, how will you pick the best? Go with a bank that offers the features listed in this post.

In the UK, it is with the help of a current bank account that you get to access all the different day-to-day banking services. From receiving money, bill payments, setting direct debits, to enabling standing orders for regular payments, a current bank account makes all of this possible.

While almost every bank in the UK offers current bank account facility, one should select a bank that offers features that best suits their requirements. For instance, in the case of NRIs working in the UK, a bank that provides features and benefits involving money transfer to India is highly recommended.

Here is a list of top features that an NRI should expect from his/her current bank account in the UK-

1 Instant Money Transfers to India at Confirmed Exchange Rates

If you are an NRI in the UK who regularly transfers money to India, you should consider a bank that offers instant fund transfer service to its current bank account customers. This will make your online money transfers to India more convenient and quick.

Moreover, some of the banks also offer confirmed preferential rates to customers. This will help you get a higher value for your money when you convert your UK pounds to Indian rupees. The confirmed rate will also ensure that you are always fully aware of the exact amount your recipient will receive in India.

2 Multiple Ways to Send Money to India

While online transfers are now commonly used by the NRIs in the UK, your current bank account should provide access to other modes of fund transfer too. For instance, a few banks in the UK offer phone-based money transfer services. You can transfer funds to the Indian branch of the same bank or any other bank in India with such services.

Similarly, you can also visit the nearest branch of your bank to make a fund transfer request to India. The availability of multiple fund transfer methods will ensure that you can select an option that best suits your requirements.

3 Free Debit Card and Cheque Book

For your daily transactions in the UK, you will also be provided a debit card and a cheque book. Some of the banks offer global debit cards that can be used all over the world. So even if you are visiting India, you can continue using the same debit card and use the balance from their current bank account in the UK.

These are generally contactless debit cards that are known to be highly convenient and secure. The cheque book provided with the account can be used for bigger transactions in the UK.

4 Low Monthly Balance

One of the most important considerations when opening a current bank account in the UK is the minimum monthly balance requirement of the bank. You are required to pay the penalty if your balance falls below this minimum limit.

So, it is always better to go with a bank that has a low balance requirement. The balance requirement between banks in the UK ranges from £1 to £500 or even higher.

5 Additional Features

Some of the banks also offer some additional features like monthly online or printed statements, joint account holders, overdrafts, and more with their current account. Also, ensure that the bank you select offers 24×7 customer support through phone and email.

You can visit the official website of the bank to know more about such additional features and benefits.

Banking Made Easy with a Current Bank Account in the UK

As you can see, current bank accounts in the UK now come with a host of features to make banking more convenient for NRIs. If you are an NRI working in the UK and want to open a new current bank account, make sure that you select a bank that offers the features listed in this post.

All of these features will ensure that you get to experience the modern world of banking and international remittance in the best way possible.

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