Get Knowledge of the Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore

Get Knowledge of the Criminal Procedure Code of Singapore


The Code of Criminal Procedure guarantees a fair trial by ensuring that none of the rights of the accused are unreasonably impaired or impaired. The code also ensures that the judge in question patiently listens to all parties involved in the trial. Hence, each relevant party must be present on the day of the trial so that the judge can learn about every aspect of the case and hear all the details directly from the party in order to achieve a due process hearing. This is why the Code of Criminal Procedure provides that every party involved in a case, whether an accused or a witness, must be present at the trial on the day of the trial.

The Code does this through a variety of measures, namely subpoenas, court orders, announcements and property embargoes.

So the question is who represents the accused in court?

This is none other than a criminal lawyer.

Anyone charged with a crime can hire a criminal defense attorney or a criminal defense attorney to represent them in court.

Therefore, if you are an accused and plan to use the services of a criminal defense attorney, you should be aware of the services your attorney provides.

  • A criminal defense attorney investigates, prepares and argues for his client in order to protect him from criminal charges.
  • Agree with the prosecutor to shorten your sentence or drop some of the charges against you. But if you imagine yourself without a lawyer, the prosecutor may not want to negotiate.
  • It is clear that a criminal defense lawyer is much more knowledgeable about the legal rules than the defendant. As a result, the lawyer can familiarize the accused with all the important legal rules and regulations regarding criminal prosecution.
  • The perpetrator charged with a crime often experiences feelings of shame and depression. A criminal lawyer also provides assistance and support to facilitate this emotional phase for her client.
  • If you are truly guilty of a crime, witnesses may be reluctant to testify in court for fear for your safety. But if a lawyer speaks to them, they cannot refuse to provide them with information.

If you are charged, only a lawyer can understand the Criminal Procedure Code and provide you with the assistance you need. They know what charges have been brought against them under the penal code Singapore and how to defend them in court. Only an experienced lawyer knows how to act in a particular case, what documents, evidence and other considerations must be taken into account.

To do this, you can search the internet and you will have a long list of the best Singapore criminal lawyers in your area. They also provide an experienced lawyer or a team of lawyers who can handle your case depending on the complexity. They are available online and are easy to contact for any complex criminal case in Singapore.

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