How Maternity Insurance Has Been Made Simple

How Maternity Insurance Has Been Made Simple


When we talk about covering pregnancy and childbirth, we know that it is likely to appeal to two groups of people. One group plans in advance when they want to have a baby. In this case, none of the family members are actually pregnant. Of course, now is a much better time to find maternity insurance plans in Singapore. Another group of people who read this article already has a pregnant relative. If this is the case, they are probably struggling to find help to cover all the bills associated with having a healthy baby. This is going to be a bit tricky, but there are a few more options.


If no one in your family is pregnant yet, but you plan to have a baby in the future, here are some common ways to get maternity health insurance. Some of these options, like payment plans or group health care, may continue to work if you are already pregnant.

Group Health Insurance – A work-related health insurance plan generally covers pregnancy. This is probably the easiest and most common way to find maternity insurance coverage. If your current employer doesn’t offer this, it might be time to find someone who will.

A pregnant woman can still be covered by her parents’ insurance if she is young enough. There may be other requirements, for example, she must be single or student. The wife must be covered by her husband’s policy if she elects such coverage. And of course, you will be covered by your own employer’s plan if it covers maternity costs.

Individual Health Insurance – I am not an expert on the private health insurance market in every state. In my state, I can tell you that most individual or family plans do not cover the usual maternity costs nor do they cover them with a very high deductible.

The only health insurance company that I know of that offers maternity services (option) is Time. It depends on the state and is an additional option with an additional premium. You also have a waiting period before receiving benefits. If you think you need this benefit, you should take it before someone gets pregnant!

HSA Health Insurance – Some states have an individual primary health plan HSA (Health Savings Account) that involves a pregnant woman (optional). The health savings account that is part of the plan is a tax deductible account that you must make a contribution to before you need it. The primary health care center has a maternity option for you to choose from. Please note that this option will have a waiting period before benefits are paid, so this will only work if you plan ahead. But if you plan ahead, your HSA balance should help cover the costs of the higher deductible.

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