Why Use Cosmetic 1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses?

Cosmetic 1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses


Prosthetic contact lenses are used to help with vision by covering the cornea in case it is somehow damaged or cloudy. It is made in such a way so that it matches the other eye perfectly and helps with improving the appearance of the damaged eye. It is found that these soft prosthetic contact lenses provide therapeutic, cosmetic, and psychological benefits. 1 day acuvue define is widely used by people who have any congenital eye problem or injuries due to some trauma that led to a disfigured eye.

Some of its benefits are:

Natural look

As it is custom-made, special care is taken to make sure that the lenses are as close as possible to one’s natural eye shape, color, size, and even patterns. Many methods and techniques are used to replicate the natural look of the eyes. Such efforts are made to ensure that the disfigured eye looks natural and normal.

Cures double vision

Double vision can be an issue when the eye experienced some sort of trauma and is recovering from the damage. Most people wear an eye patch for the period but it may cause some long-term problems with the vision. So to avoid any long-term issues, these soft prosthetic lenses can be used. It is designed with a black pupil so that the troubled eye is no exposure to any light.

Cosmetic enhancement

Many times an eye can have some kind of scar, congenital abnormality, or disfigurement. So these can be made less noticeable by using a prosthetic contact lens. Thus, patients who use the lenses by 1-day acuvue moist for such purposes are only looking for cosmetic benefits. And since it is soft and adjustable, wearing them for cosmetic reasons, will not cause any discomfort and one will be able to go on with their life without any problems.

Helps with light sensitivity

Apart from double vision, another problem caused due to eye trauma is light sensitivity or photophobia. Some eye trauma may have caused damage to the iris and now the pupil dilates more than necessary or is irregular regarding pupil opening, the eye may become sensitive to light. With the help of prosthetic contact lenses, pupil dilation and size can be controlled to help with excessive light sensitivity.

Enhance color and contrast

Some glasses or even sunglasses help with enhancing the vision through proper tinted lenses. In case suffering through partial color blindness or trying to enhance the vision for some event, colored soft prosthetic lenses can be used.

Since these soft prosthetic contact lenses are all custom made, it is comfortable to wear and also easy to adjust. The plastic from which it is made permits oxygen to pass-through so that the cornea stays healthy and also the eye does not feel any discomfort.  Wearing such lenses boost the confidence of any patient with eye disfigurement. These lenses make it less visible and make people more confident and comfortable in their skin.

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