The popular type of cyber- attacks

cyber- attacks


Cyber- crime has reported a drastic increase every year since attackers are looking to formulate sophistication and efficiency. There are various types of cyber attacks and all of them happens for a reason. But a common feature is that criminals would look to exploit the vulnerability system in the security system of an organization, technologies or practices.

It is a form of an attacker where a hacker tries to gain unauthorized access on to the IT system or any form of sophistication. A large number of security mishaps appear due to the internal personnel whether malice or negligence. But for the sake of simplicity a major point of consideration is cyber- attack occurs due to someone who is not part of your organization. Numerous attack types could infiltrate an attacker but a cyber- attack would be focussing on similar type of methods.


This works out to be a type of application that can undertake various tasks. There might be some strains of malware as their designing takes place and some may spy on the user. So as to obtain credentials or valuable data which would be preventing corruption of any form.

There are some form of malware which is designed to extort money from the victim. A popular type of malware attack turns out to be malware which is a form of program that would encrypt the files of the victim. Then it would mean asking them to pay a ransom when it comes to the encryption key.


With a phishing attack it would luring an unsuspecting attack of handing over some form of valuable information. it could be in the form of passwords, intellectual and so on. It often tends to arise in the form of a phishing attack which is available from a legitimate source. This happens to be the main form of cyber- attack and it turns out to be effective.

SQL injection

This happens to be a type of attack that would be specific to SQL databases. It relies on the use of database for querying the data and such statements are executed with the aid of HTML webpage. If the permissions of database has not been set up an attacker would be able to exploit the HTML webpage. It is going to create, modify or delete the data that is stored on the database.

Zero day exploit

It is a form of vulnerability, that is going to be part of the software applications. Even they would be part of target organizations who would be using the software before the fix becomes present.


It is a form of attack where the cyber criminals would use it to mine various currencies like Bitcoin. But this works out to be a form of attack which would not be underestimated. An organization is not going to have visibility when it comes to such type of attack. It means a hacker would be using a valuable network resource for mining a crypto currency.

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