Why Check the Geometry of the Car Body

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Before purchasing a used car, it is essential to check the body geometry’s control points correctly. If this procedure is not followed, you can become an owner of a product with deformed body elements. Furthermore, it is hazardous to drive on such a car, as its passive safety becomes minimal, control worsens as well as working properties vary.

Why check the geometry of the car body 

Geometry diagnostic is one of the primary procedures that is recommended to be carried out before choosing a car from the second-hand market. It allows you to accurately determine the vehicle’s current state – whether it was involved in an accident, how its previous owner operated it, how it was checked, and whether it needs some maintenance.

Another important reason is to determine the level of straightening of the bumper, roof, hood or some other part of the body. After an accident, the car is often restored in an online car service in Hyderabad. However, a very small number of owners pay attention to the service quality and its disadvantages. For its part, every third car service workshop in Hyderabad offers a geometry check. Such recommendations are completely justified, given the current state of Hyderabad roads.

The geometry check of the car body involves the initial dislocation of check points among themselves. Generally, manufacturers establish it at the design and production stage of the car. This makes it the most accurate exposure of the panels. Thanks to such a scheme, the guaranteed well-coordinated work of all units and assemblies of the vehicle is determined.

Thus, a lot depends on the correct geometry of the car. It affects the wheelbase of the car, the size of the wheels, and other features that ensure safe and sound travel.

Causes and signs of violation

Body geometry can be deformed not just because of accidents. Here are some of the possible causes of such occurrences:  high driving speeds, uneven road surfaces, obstacles on the asphalt.

The overall degree of damage and impact on various car panels mostly depends on the specific factor. For instance, while driving over speed bumps, the car body receives minor blows. However, regular collisions with barriers lead to tangible changes over time, which can be easily checked with comprehensive diagnostics.

Body geometry violations become noticeable in various ways. If you believe your car has the following symptoms, you should book a doorstep car service in Hyderabad for a complete diagnostics as soon as possible:

  • The door, trunk, hood do not close correctly – provided that the hinges are in proper working condition;
  • Sometimes the car starts to get pulled to the side along the highway, it “prowls” and also vibrates at high speeds – given that there are no problems with the suspension parts.

How to determine the displacement is known only to professional mechanics who understand the design of a specific make and model of a car.

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