All about Motoring and Driving Offenses: Types and Penalty Points

All about Motoring and Driving Offenses Types and Penalty Points


At some point in your driving career, you’ll get a traffic ticket, driving offenses, and penalty points. In some cases, you can also go to jail by committing a serious driving offense. Regardless whether your traffic ticket is a speeding ticket, court summons for a serious offense, having a piece of knowledge about penalties for these traffic offenses can lead to a safe driving experience in the future.

This article will serve as a guide to some serious, major and common driving offenses and the penalty points that are linked to them. For more visit Ssangyong Personal Lease.

Understand Driving Offenses – Penalty Points

Did you know that these penalty points will stay in your driver’s license for up to three years? Plus, you can’t even remove these unpleasant penalty points until the fourth anniversary from the date of the offense conviction.

Moreover, penalty points are accumulated for up to three years. If you have accumulated at least 12 points during this time frame, your driver’s license will be revoked. For new drivers, if you get a total of six points within the span of two years, your driver’s license will be banned as well Ssangyong Secondhand Car.

Understanding Driving Offenses – Fixed Penalty

Officers can issue a fixed penalty notice for some endorsable offense like over-speeding, reckless and careless driving. This scenario can be on-the-spot, especially if you have your driver’s license and other legal documents with you. If you have an accumulated nine points in your driving license, an on-the-spot endorsement is not appropriate. An endorsable type of driving offense can lead to a fine and points on your driver’s license. You just need to give your license at the actual moment or wait within seven days after notice has been issued.

Be aware that penalty points are cumulative, this means you’ll be disqualified to drive and your license will be revoked if you have a total of 12 penalty points within the span of three years.

Different Common Types of Driving Offenses

Speeding: This type of driving offense is one of the most common and popular violation that a driver can commit. The speeding offense has an equivalent of three to six penalty points or can lead to a driving ban. Sometimes, over-speeding happens not because of the driver’s negligence, but because of the confusion about the new speed limits of a certain area or road.

Drunk Driving or Driving Under The Influence of Drugs: This driving offense can lead to imprisonment and shall impose an individual with a driving ban. But this offense may vary depending on the severity of your violation. Oftentimes, it depends upon on the level of alcohol or drugs you had consumed, with this, you can avoid imprisonment up to 180 days, or the court judgment will impose a fine or community service instead.

Causing Death Because of Careless or/and Dangerous Driving: this is a serious offense that can lead to a custodial sentence. It is highly recommended to hire solicitors for motoring offences to seek a piece of legal advice. In some cases, a victim needs to have a second autopsy in order to verify the cause of death.

If you find yourself facing any of these driving and motoring offenses, don’t hesitate to ask and hire a professional lawyer or attorney who can help to solve your case

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